Kitty Intake


* StreetCats does not take in kittens or mother cats with kittens. * We have a waiting list for adult cats to come in to StreetCats. * Please refer to the list of Tulsa Area Animal Organizations. *

If you have a kitty you would like us to take, we ask that you please bring a flyer with pictures and descriptions of the cat(s) to our shop. We have a board where people can hang flyers of kitties that need to be adopted and we intake cats from the board as space allows. We are using this as our waiting list because we are a very small organization and, therefore, very limited in space.

We do not take feral cats because they usually need to be barn cats and we do not have any barns for them. If you would still like to contact us about a kitty, you may email us at or fill out our contact form and someone will respond to you in a timely manner.