* StreetCats does not take in kittens or mother cats with kittens. * We have a waiting list for adult cats to come in to StreetCats. * Please refer to the list of Tulsa Area Animal Organizations. * Please call our message line, 918.298.0104,  if interested in spay/neuter/vaccinate vouchers for homeless cats on the streets. *

StreetCats, Inc. believes that all cats deserve a home. We wish to reduce the population of unwanted cats by maintaining a spay and neuter program for feral cats and by sheltering cats who no longer have people to care for them. We seek adoptive families who value animals and who will love and protect our StreetCats.

StreetCats, Inc is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to shelter cats that have been abandoned or lost and to find new homes for them. The cats that we take in are adoptable cats only. We are an organization that does not place a time limit on a healthy cat's life; we keep them until a home is found.

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Starting July 5th and ending July 18th, acclaimed author P.C. Cast will be paying the adoption fee for all cats adopted on these days!  The adoptions are based on approved applications and references will be checked as usual. 

On July 11th, P.C. Cast will have her book launch at Books-A-Million (in Tulsa Hills) of her new House of Night series.





StreetCats has a booth at Jade on Main, 1639 S. Main Street, Broken Arrow. Thanks to Jade on Main store (antique & vintage boutiques) all proceeds from our booth sales will go directly to StreetCats, Inc.   We appreciate the support of all the vendors and owners at this wonderful new facility for us to showcase StreetCats, Inc.

Mark your calendars July 14th -16th for An Affair of the Heart Tulsa at the Tulsa Fairgrounds!  We'll be back with our purrfectly themed cat booth!  See you there!


Antonio and Angelo must be adopted together as they are very bonded. Estimate birthdate for them is 7/1/15 but they are bigger in size for their age. Both are medium haired with wonderful tails but Angelo appears to be more of a brown tabby while Antonio is more of a grey/black tabby. Angelo came in at 10 lbs 5 oz. and Antonio at 8 lbs 2 oz. These absolutely wonderful boys are very playful and very affectionate and want to be lap kitties. They need to be adopted into a large home with plenty of space to run around and play. If one can’t find the other you may hear some howling but for the most part they don’t “talk.” All cats have tested negative for FeLeuk/Aids and are current on rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. All kitties have Home Again microchips implanted and are registered at no charge to the owner. 

Miss Kitty is a gorgeous long haired red tabby with a birthdate of 11/4/12.  Her owner died and friends took her to City Vet where she lived in a cage for a number of months before StreetCats was able to bring her in.  She is very laid back but now enjoys having freedom to roam.  She is sweet and loves to be petted and brushed.  She likes the lower level of a hallway cat tree so you might have to bend down a bit to start making friends with her.  She loves canned food and will definitely watch for it in the morning and afternoon when she realizes a special treat will soon be coming.


Visit our Boutique and Adoption Center at 6520 E 60th St, Tulsa, OK 74145!  

Visit our Boutique and Adoption Center at 6520 E 60th St, Tulsa, OK 74145, which is behind Charlie's Chicken at 60th & Sheridan!  Our Boutique showcases items for humans and cats!  All proceeds benefit StreetCats and our efforts directly.