* StreetCats does not take in kittens or mother cats with kittens. * We have a waiting list for adult cats to come in to StreetCats. * Please refer to the list of Tulsa Area Animal Organizations. * Please call our message line, 918.298.0104,  if interested in spay/neuter/vaccinate vouchers for homeless cats on the streets. *

StreetCats, Inc. believes that all cats deserve a home. We wish to reduce the population of unwanted cats by maintaining a spay and neuter program for feral cats and by sheltering cats who no longer have people to care for them. We seek adoptive families who value animals and who will love and protect our StreetCats.

StreetCats, Inc is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to shelter cats that have been abandoned or lost and to find new homes for them. The cats that we take in are adoptable cats only. We are an organization that does not place a time limit on a healthy cat's life; we keep them until a home is found.

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Eddie is a very handsome seal bi-color Siamese male with a birthdate of 5/5/13.  He is shy in StreetCats but once he is comfortable with you he is very affectionate, loves to play and is very athletic.  He has never been around children or dogs and we think a more quiet home would be best for him.  He is still a little shy in StreetCats but he’ll be a very special kitty for someone and a wonderful companion for another cat.  He was adopted for about a month but the young woman had to return him because she has to move home to care for her father -- she was brokenhearted that he couldn’t go with her.  They had been very bonded companions and he was very comfortable in her home.







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Visit our Boutique and Adoption Center at 6520 E 60th St, Tulsa, OK 74145!  

Visit our Boutique and Adoption Center at 6520 E 60th St, Tulsa, OK 74145, which is behind Charlie's Chicken at 60th & Sheridan!  Our Boutique showcases items for humans and cats!  All proceeds benefit StreetCats and our efforts directly.