Volunteer with us!

Our facility is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday but we have volunteers helping every day of the week. Volunteers are always needed for the many tasks that help StreetCats operate on a day-to-day basis. To sign up to become a volunteer, download a Volunteer Application. If you have questions, please e-mail us at cats@streetcatstulsa.org, fill out our contact form, or visit us at our Boutique & Adoption Center.

Tuesday through Saturday we have two shifts available: 9:30 – 1:00 and 1:00 – 5:00; please contact us for available days. On Sundays and Mondays (the days that the Adoption Center is closed to the public) the times can be flexible.

VOLUNTEERING AT STREETCATS INVOLVES THE FOLLOWING DUTIES:  Emptying and washing litter boxes, cleaning cages, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors and taking out the trash in the mornings.  In the afternoons we vacuum, scrub cat trees, dust and wash shelving (both glass & wood), dust merchandise and take out the trash.  All of these tasks involve lifting and bending.  We also use disinfectants that include bleach. Please be sure you are willing and capable of doing these types of items and working with bleach and bleach products before applying to be a volunteer.  We may also train you to be a sales person after you have volunteered for a period of time.

Donate to StreetCats!

StreetCats depends on donations to provide for the kitties in our care. Download the donation form or click on the PayPal button to donate electronically.

StreetCats’ Wishlist

  • Wal-Mart/Sam’s Gift cards; any denomination

  • Tall strong kitchen size trash bags; prefer Glad or Hefty

  • Clay litter used in our facility (scoopable used in foster homes)

  • Printer/copy paper

  • Laundry detergent pods or liquid laundry soap

  • Clorox liquid bleach

  • Clorox Clean-Up spray cleaner or refill container

  • Fancy Feast small cans in both gravy and pate textures

  • Friskies canned food in both gravy and pate textures

  • Bottled water – small bottles for volunteers

  • Small paper plates

  • Postage stamps

  • Blue Fabulosa w/Bleach Alternative (floor cleaner)

  • Bags or boxes of dry cat food for voucher customers (opened is OK)

Meals On Wheels Wishlist

  • Scoopable Litter

  • Unopened bags or boxes of dry cat food

  • Canned cat food