Kitty Intake


* StreetCats does not take in kittens or mother cats with kittens. * We have a waiting list for adult cats to come in to StreetCats. * Please refer to the list of Tulsa Area Animal Organizations. *

If you have a kitty you would like us to take, we ask that you bring us a flyer with a picture and description of the cat (including sex, age, spayed/neutered/vaccination info and personality) to our Adoption Center at 60th & S. Sheridan (open 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday). Please put your name and phone number on the back of the flyer.   We have an intake person that has a list the kitty will be added to, she numbers the flyers, and places them on the bulletin board of cats needing homes.  She will contact you within two weeks after bringing in a flyer.  If a visitor to StreetCats is interested in your cat, a volunteer will contact you, and you can get in touch with that person. 

Intake is based on adoptions as we are a no-kill shelter, so none of our cats have a time limit.  Our policy is we take cats between the ages of 8 months – 8 years.  We do not take feral cats because they usually need to be barn cats and we do not have any barns for them.  If you would still like to contact us about a kitty you can email us at or fill out our contact form on our web site and someone will respond to you in a timely manner.